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NotiFYI works by using sensing accessories (like the Wall Alert or the Multipurpose Sensor Input) to instantly send custom notifications to your smart device that you choose and manage through the easy-to-use NotiFYI app.

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NotiFYI connects with sensing accessories that meet your needs.

Your NotiFYI alerts are transmitted with the NotiFYI Hub, which can accommodate up to 24 accessories. When each accessory is triggered or pressed, it will send you a custom alert you choose to your smart device via text, push notification, or email.

The suite of NotiFYI accessories all send an alert to your smart device when interacted with.


Accessories and notifications are managed in the app.

Once you've received accessories to go with your NotiFYI Hub, you'll set them up with their unique notification type through the NotiFYI app. Setup takes as little as 15 minutes. Plus, you can add more accessories at any time.

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Using notifyi
What are some of the ways NotiFYI can be used?
A collection of stainless steel machinery gleam on a factory floor.
The NotiFYI Multipurpose Sensor Input can be wired into any equipment that has an existing sensor. That means busy maintenance teams can remotely monitor machines, dispensers, and appliances.
The checkout section of a store is made more efficient by NotiFYI.
In the event of an emergency, business owners managing busy storefronts can rest easy knowing that one discreet push of the NotiFYI Wall Alert sends an alert that help is needed.
An older man and woman unpack groceries together.
When pushed within range of the NotiFYI Hub, the NotiFYI Wearable Alert lets parents and guardians know a loved one needs immediate care.
A nicely manicured hand presses the NotiFYI Personal Alert button.
The NotiFYI Personal Alert can be attached to a key ring or even kept in a purse pocket so a custom alert can be sent to your smart device within range of the NotiFYI Hub.
This image shows clean, modern public restrooms.
The NotiFYI Wall Alert can be stationed in restrooms, on reception desks, or near anything that receives regular customer interaction to let staff members know when and where attention is needed.
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